Do Your Glasses Look Like Everyone Elses? Having Trouble Finding the Look You Want?

Cateye circa 1950 heavy rhinestone
Taken at Marilyn Monroe night at Bombshell in Ashland 8/12

Hot Retro Style - The "P3"

"P3" Semi-round metal frames have been around since WWI and were most popular as "yuppie" "preppie" "intellectual" frames in the 1970's & 1980's. They are currently gaining popularity again. CLICK HERE



We cater to those who want something other than the common skinny rectangle eyeglass frame.

For the last decade, eyewear fashion has been restricted mostly to narrow little rectangles.  And most of them, regardless of brand name, come out of the same factories in China, that turn out cookie-cutter frames by the millions.

Clearlight Optical offers frames for those who hear a different drummer. Some of our customers want frames like they "used to have". Some want an authentic retro look. Some want frames made in countries where the workers who make them make a living wage. 

We offer hundreds of different shapes and styles of frames  that span the best of the 20th century.  From "granny" glasses to cateyes to big pilot shapes to yuppie looks to round frames to custom rimless you can design yourself, Clearlight Optical offers a variety and depth that you won't find at the local optometrist.
People the world over with their own sense of fashion have driven us to become a major outlet for avante-garde and retro fashion in eyewear worldwide. We can now count happy customers in sixty-seven countries and growing.

The film industry has taken note of us as well. In the last couple of years, we have been asked to provide eyewear for HBO, Showtime, Warner Brothers, ABC, Sony Pictures, Disney, Paramount, and others. Our eyewear has appeared on the faces of John Cusack, Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson, Dabney Coleman, Jack Huston, Peter MacNicol, Robin Williams, and others. We are currently providing the eyewear for "Elementary", a present-day Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller & Lucy Liu, to air this Fall on CBS.

If you are passionate about your eyewear,  we would like to help you find that perfect frame from our inventory of over 10,000 frames and styles.

You can see a small percentage of our frames online here at, and starting September 1, 2012, you can see our collection in person at our eyewear gallery at 462 A St. in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

And when it comes to lenses, we offer custom solutions in rimless, polarized, high definition, transitions, as well as custom anti-reflective lenses for the film industry.

 Here's lookin' at you,

A 1950's B&L Cateye from our collection worn
by Marilyn Monroe Contest Winner

Shaeny Celine Johnson
Vintage Eyewear Display



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